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Shawn Cavlan - Professional Make up Artist

Shawn Cavlan and her team take stress out of your wedding by providing you with the artistry to make you look and feel truly beautiful. We provide hair and makeup services to you and your attendants on that very special day.



It is the morning of your wedding. You may or may not have had a good night sleep. What would be ideal? Perhaps a relaxed couple of hours either at your home or hotel room while sharing a light meal with your bridesmaids. Do you want to leave this relaxed atmosphere and deal with traffic to get to your hair and makeup appointments at a salon?

Well, neither do we! Our artists will arrive at your location promptly at the specified time, fully equipped to get you, the bride, and whomever else you have specified ready for this wonderful and important day. The hours leading up to your ceremony should be relaxed and fun, and it is our aim to help provide that for you.

Makeup for a wedding has its own set of unique objectives and is very different from the average person’s day-to-day approach. You want to look beautiful and natural face to face, but you also want to look great in photographs.

This natural-looking makeup also needs to hold up to hugging, kissing, crying, dancing and champagne – definitely a tall order. Over the years Shawn has figured out the “fine line” that needs to be walked to give you the look you want while making sure your makeup is waterproof and long lasting. Many people think that wedding-day makeup will make them feel like they are a different person or wearing a mask on their wedding day. The fact is that most women want to just feel like themselves, but enhanced, with a look that brings out their beauty and heightens how they feel about themselves. This is what Shawn does.

Shawn and her team are exceptional in two main areas. The first is being fantastic artists who will give you the look (natural or dramatic and always long lasting) that you are wanting for your wedding day. The second is providing a timeline for you so everyone knows who is in what chair and when. This leaves no planning for you to do and guarantees you being ready on time. Your hair and makeup team sets the tone for how your morning is going. If they are running late then the rest of your wedding will be running late. That is why many of Northern California’s most well-known wedding coordinators and photographers love working with Shawn and recommend her personally to their clients: She has never had a bride finished late since 1989!

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individual lessons:

Whether you are looking at starting from scratch or just to update a look, a private makeup lesson is a great way to go. This is a time where you get individual attention in your own home. The artist will come with a full arsenal of makeup and also take a look at what you have as well. She will then walk you through the steps to achieve the look you want to have. You will hold the brushes and apply the makeup with her guidance. Learning in a hands on way is what makes this different from a "make over" at the mall. You will truly be learning a new skill. Everything is covered, from moisturizer to finishing powder. You will be left with a diagram, written notes and suggested products.

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Group Lessons:

Are you looking for something different to do with your girlfriends? If so, think about doing a group makeup lesson. In this situation, the artist will arrive at one of your homes and make complete learning stations for each participant. Each participant will bring her own makeup bag so her products can be utilized as well. With the guidance of the artist teaching the class, each of you will use brushes to apply the makeup in the desired way. Through the course of the lesson you can take notes and draw diagrams to help you remember the steps and the methods. At the end of the session each person will be left with everything they need to know in achieving the new look, from moisturizer to finishing powder.

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Makeup and Hair Services on your wedding day


Dear Shawn,
Thank you for doing my makeup for my baby shower. I felt so beautiful, and you know, when your pregnant that means a lot! Thank you !!

Dear Shawn,
It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for making me all pretty on this very special day. Bill and I are grateful for your help. Best Wishes!
Bill and Zoe

Dear Shawn,
How can I thank you for the great job you did for me and my bridal party this past Saturday? We all felt so beautiful and got so many compliments on your great work. I'm so glad I found you and would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again!


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