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Shawn Cavlan - Professional Make up Artist

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It all started in 1986 when Shawn entered art school. She acquired a job with Prescriptives Cosmetics, at that time a new company with a strong emphasis on the education of its artist/sales team. What became apparent to Shawn during this process was that many of the principles she had encountered in the fine art world translated perfectly to the application of makeup. A face is used instead of a canvas, powder and liquid pigments rather than paint or charcoal and a 3 dimensional surface versus a flat one. It was fantastic!

Shawn’s approach to makeup is purely artistic. She looks at how light plays on a face and how certain color choices will enhance individual undertones and eye colors. Combined with the open dialogue and easy rapport she has with her clients, the results are beautiful and exceptionally natural.

As Shawn Cavlan Beauty Co. has grown, she has surrounded herself with other artists who look at a face or strand of hair with that same artistic vision and joy in their work. What you receive as a client is a rewarding, pleasurable and beautiful experience.

Make and Hair - Shawn Cavlan

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